Sea Sponges and Bath Brushes


Sea sponges

We carry sponges that are sourced from all over the world including the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific.  They are carefully cared for, cleaned, and cut to proper sizing by trained technicians here in the United States. 


Caring for your sponge:

Keep your sea sponge refreshed and ready for use by following these easy steps:

  • Wash the sponge with soap and water before first use.

  • Periodically rinse your sponge in a solution of warm water and baking soda. Baking soda not only helps to clean the sponge but also helps to revitalize the cellular structure.

  • Allow for sponges (and all bath accessories) to dry completely after each use.


Bathing Brushes:

Our bathing brushes come in a variety of sizes from short handles to long and feature boar's hair bristles to naturally sourced sponges. 

We also carry dry brushes!

On top of our bathing brushes, we offer a variety of other alternative options such as loofah mits to sisal sponges, from nail brushes to face brushes, we have the whole body covered. 

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