Cannabidoil (CBD Hemp Oil)


what is cannabidoil?

Kannaway’s formulation is driven by science. Kannaway's products themselves are crafted from all natural botanical ingredients, including pure CBD hemp oil and their unique Bi-Bong™ herbal blend. Once only available to the royal families of East Asia, this Bi-Bong™ blend was created by a respected family of doctors and herbologists and has been passed down through the centuries. Kannaways formulates high quality, chemical free, non GMO salves, ingestible oils, daily supplements, vapes, soaks, and essential oils for all different types of ailments.



  • Relieves pain and inflammation

  • Has anti-psychotic effects

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Relieves nausea

  • May treat seizures and other neurological disorders

  • Brings body into balance

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NO genetically modified ingredients!

NO pesticides!

NO herbicides!

NO chemical fertilizers!

Also available now for your pets!

Great for pets who have anxiety during thunderstorms or become over-excited while friends and family are visiting.  This will help keep your fur baby calm through the storm.  Suggested amounts are 1-2 for dogs less than 20lbs, 2-3 for 20 - 30 lbs, and 3-4 chews.



Kannaway's CBD hemp oil is sourced from hemp grown in Austria where it is free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Hemp also grows with the use of very little water making it a very environmentally friendly crop.

Kannaway's variety

Our line of CBD hemp oil products provided by Kannaway come in a variety of forms.  The most popular being their salve, helpful for inflammation, joints, nerve pain, and muscle pain.  We also carry it in the forms of Vape catridges, liquid oil, capsules, therapeutic soaks, and essential oils.